Versatility In Your Suitcase

versatility in suitcase

Finally after months of burning the midnight oil it’s nearly time for that long awaited vacation. While it’s frostbite and blizzards here…it’s beach walks and golf days there.  You have been planning every detail of this trip for weeks but have you any idea what you need to pack to keep organized and your vacation stress free?  

Tyner-Shorten Clothiers has assembled a list of versatile clothing pieces to minimize your packing and still get you from brunch at the club to dinner by the ocean for a magic week. 

Khakis Pants. Dress them up with a button down shirt and tie or keep casual with a polo. What about Khaki Shorts.  These shorts keep you cool and stylish and pair with so many things. Both can be worn with loafers or sandals giving you the ultimate in versatility.

Dark Coloured Sports Coat. Whether you are wearing jeans, khakis or dress pants, putting on your dark coloured sport coat instantly will enhance your outfit and make it suitable for evening wear.

Button Down Shirt. Maybe with those Khakis! Add a tie or sweater to suit your function.  Unbutton the top two buttons and pair with jeans to  create a more relaxed feel.

Great fitting jeans. These can be worn virtually anywhere when paired correctly.  Add your button down and sports coat and you’ve turned your jeans into a great dinner outfit at your favourite steak house.  Wear them with a T and you’re instantly ready for a beach BBQ with friends. 

Most importantly, pack for the weather. That’s not always as easy as it sounds with the snow blowing past your window.  But you know your destination will be warm (maybe hot) and sunny. Bring light, breathable fabrics. Sun protection for your skin, eyes and head, remember quick drying board shorts and have fun! 

Visit Tyner-Shorten Clothiers to help ensure the most versatility your suitcase and to ensure fit and style prior to your adventure. Bon Voyage!