The T-S Guide to Suits


Holiday Parties, festive stage plays and formal dinners…this season calls for a new suit but how do you know which suit to buy? We assembled a list of things to look for when purchasing your new suit and as always, come in and see Richard or Rob who will custom fit a suit to make you look your very best.


  1. Colour – Navy, Grey, Black – so many choices! Grey is your best bet for an all-around versatile – go anywhere – kind of suit. Navy, is a bit more fun to accessorize with pocket swatches, and dress shirts. Let’s not forget classic black.  Classy, and easily made formal, but could be too dressy for some occasions.
  2. Buttons – One Button, Two Buttons, Three…. – One button is very trendy right now but best fitted to a slimmer build. Two Buttons is classic and fits all body types. Three buttons however can make the suit look a bit outdated.
  3. Fit – the most important part in buying a suit is to ensure the proper fit. After choosing your style and colour, try it on and have it tailored personally to you.


With so many options for buying suits ensure to visit Tyner-Shorten Clothiers to ensure a custom fit for you for any occasion.