Vacation Packing Basics

It’s time again to cash-in those well-earned vacation days, pack the car and head …well anywhere …so long as the family is present and the electronics are not. A vacation is a vacation no matter where you are headed. Though the contents of your suitcase will vary depending on your destination – whale watching in Alaska or visiting Mickey in Florida – a few simple tricks can help you along the way.

What to Pack

When staring at your closet, faced with the question of what to bring along, here are some items to consider.
• One outfit suitable for a nice dinner and show. If you plan on several you can mix up your outfit by bringing a few
coordinating tops and ties. Mixing and matching makes the outfits go further.
• Do you really need a heavy jacket OR can you be comfortable with layering a polo under a nice sweater. Jackets are bulky
if you wear them on the plane and take up way too much space in your luggage. Also consider a light weight wind breaker
jacket for cool outings.
• Swimming – chose quick dry materials. Great for swimming but also other beach activities. More comfort with less changing.
• One pair of your favourite denim jeans for casual evenings is a must. Bring more than one accompanying top to extend the
vacation for your jeans.
• Day wear could consist of casual pastel shorts matched with a striped polo or ankle length trousers matched with loafers.

How to Pack

Now that you have your items folded neatly in front of you here are some tricks to make sure they all fit.
• Luggage Size – if at all possible try to fit what you can into a carry-on and skip paying for your luggage to ride the plane!
• Packing Cubes – simply genius. Not only can you use these for separating your tops from your bottoms and shoes from toiletries, you can use these when you are away to store dirty clothes.
• Roll Fold – folding causes creases and wrinkles and really nothing ever fits to your exact folding dimensions. Now try rolling your clothes and packing them in the cubes. They fit better and you can fit more. AND best of all – no wrinkles!
• Tissue Paper – have you ever wondered why retailers wrap your clothes in tissue paper before bagging them? It’s not necessarily for presentation; the tissue paper when wrapped around your items prevents wrinkles!
• Leave room – never fill your luggage completely, leave room for the “finds” you pick up on your adventure.

One tiny bag or a packed 3 piece collection – at the end of the day, vacation is about relaxing and making memories. Leave the work behind. Leave the commute. Leave the lawn, the laundry, the schedule and make room for laughter, family time and memories.

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Enjoy your holiday.