Layering … Don’t Sweat the Forecast


When it comes to spring, your morning coffee is often met with a frosty windshield while your drive home has you searching for the air conditioning.  After a long winter, these days are welcome but dressing for this change can be a challenge.  It’s not quite short sleeves and loafers weather, yet not quite overcoat and boots either.

The key to dressing for spring is layering.  The versatility of several layers allows you to add and remove clothing pieces as the day progresses while maintaining a professional and stylish look.  Here are some items we like to mix and match this spring.

Casual – for Fridays or meeting up with friends for a steak dinner start with a pair of dark blue cotton Alberto pants. Add a short sleeve white polo, with a dark blue cardigan. Add a windbreaker jacket for the morning.

Office – start with your “go-to” pair of Tyner-Shorten Clothiers label black dress slacks. Pair with light coloured collar shirt, add a complimentary sweater and then the sports coat for the morning.  As you peel away the layers throughout the day, you maintain the professional look while adjusting to the increasing heat.

The key to spring dressing is knowing the weather is unpredictable. It could be below freezing in the morning but patio weather after work. We don’t always have time to go home and change, so plan ahead and wear layers that will allow you to stay stylish without sweating the forecast.

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We made it. Happy Spring Everyone.