Holiday Party Garb

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Holiday Party Garb

Someone told me Christmas is coming. With Christmas comes Christmas parties and with Christmas parties comes the big decision on what to wear.

Most men are wearing darker shades this year and with a little imagination you can dress down this versatile staple for that professional office gathering. Blue is a flexible colour – navy carries easily from a business-ready ensemble to a dinner party because the colour so easy to accessorize. Among the top sellers is an indigo suit with subtle texturing that pairs well with a knit tie and a pale blue checked shirt.

Change up your look by embracing colourful Christmas-themed ties, statement pocket squares and colourful socks.

The younger generation is thinking high-top sneakers, cashmere scarves and dressed down turtlenecks. Add a brushed cotton T-shirt or classic linen crewneck shirt to take the navy suit to any office party.

When choosing an outfit, use common sense. If the invite says Black Tie you wouldn’t wear your Blue Jays T-Shirt.  It’s a matter of common sense, but here are some ideas.

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Boss’s house for a Sunday afternoon lunch: dress jean with complimentary sweater.

The Office Christmas Party at work: go with business formal. Dust off the blazer or sport coat and dress pants. Drop the tie but make sure your shirt is crisp and modern.

After Hours Business Formal: nice navy suit. An essential for every man’s wardrobe – the navy suit will perform amazing feats at the fashion forward centre of the expanding men’s wear universe.

So if you choose a casual look or a more formal suit, remember your look will leave a lasting impression. Stop by Tyner-Shorten Clothiers and we will dress you for success!

Bob Small