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The business wear section features suits, sport coats, shirts and ties by top quality manufacturers, such as Pal Zileri, Coppley, Baumler and Samuelsohn. Coppley offers great value in suitings as well as quality custom clothing delivered within 3 weeks. Baulmer, from Austria, gives the customer the option of a softer shouldered European fit.  Pal Zileri offers business wear directly from Italy and is exclusively found in London at Tyner-Shorten Clothiers.  Lastly, you can find a large collection of Samuelsohn at Tyner-Shorten Clothiers. Their attention to detail, classic fabrics and fit make Samuelsohn an excellent choice, and the best Tyner-Shorten Clothiers has to offer.

Old is New Again!

Bring a gently used, cleaned suit into Tyner-Shorten Clothiers today and we’ll give you $200 off the price of a new suit or $100 off the price of a new sports coat. Donated items benefit London Employment Help Centre.